Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old Woman confessed '' WHY I KILLED DAGRIN ''.

I came across a magazine recently,although it was published since MAY 2012 titled 'GALAXY EXPRESS' with the above headline "WHY I KILLED DAGRIN - confesses old woman ritualist" with the pix of an old woman sitting on the floor. reading the story, she said she killed dagrin becos dagrin refused to kip his own side of the bargain after making him rich and famous within a short time!!

Could the woman be right or all this attention seekers!!! (Yes i said attention seekers becos thats what most nigerians do now     )

Or could this woman be the person who really killed him.Remember the song "IF I DIE MAKE YOU NO CRY FOR ME" by dagrin

the lyrics of the song made people start to suspect maybe he did something to become who he was before he died!!!!

To get more information about this ,vists any Magizine seller and ask GALAXY MAGAZINE of the Month of May 2012. You will get the exact full story.


stephanie said...

could this be real......though his song ''if i die'' points out to this same like .na wa o

olayinka said...

stephanie, i even thought as much when i first heard the song. i knew theres something about it