Sunday, November 11, 2012

JOKE: Johnny and the Girl

A guy (johny) was sun bathn @ the beach.A little girl comes to him,he covers his private part with a newspaper the little girl asks,whats under there? A bird johnny replied.The girl goes away and johnny fell asleep. when he woke up he find himself in a hospital bed and he was in great pain the doctor asked johnny what happend johnny answered i don't knw i was @ d beach and fell asleep after talkn to a little girl so the doctor tell this to d police and they went to the beach to find any witness. when they got there they saw the little girl johnny talked about,so they asked her if she saw anything that happend to johnny,she answers noo!!, just that whn he was sleeping, i played with his bird,after a while the bird spat @ me,so i got angry and broke its neck , burnt its nest and smashd its egg.

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