Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Abandoned Baby in Gowon Estate

abandoned baby in Gowon Estate Egbeda Lagos.

     Just this morning at about 6am,i notice people trooping out of the houses in a rush towards one of the main entrance of the estate 'Ponle Bus Stop' .
 i took my camera and also rushed down to the scene of the event which was just about 10 metre to my house to cover whatever is happening On getting there,it was a newly born baby which was abandoned in the refuse dump overnight.The refuse dump was positioned right before the entrance of Gowon Estate at Ponle Bus Stop.The baby was already dead at the time people noticed it. 
   Two Women also complained that they noticed the cry of a baby close to the but stop as they were on their way to the market at about 5am but they never thought it could be a baby but thought it could be one of those cat's than usually cry at night and sounds more like a baby.
  It wasn't more like a surprise to me when i arrived at the scene,i could till remember sometime around year 2000 when a lady in the same Gowon estate abandoned a baby in a dustbin at Gowon Estate where the new Bola Tinubu market is now built on.The baby was found alive in the morning and the mother was traced back to her house with the trail of blood after she gave birth.Today, the child is doing very good and the mother seems to love him more than she would ever imagine.
 Watch the video recording of the abandoned baby which i recorded today.
video link;
SOUREC: Job Francis


olamax said...

this is terrible for a woman to do . abandon her own baby.END TIME

Anonymous said...

Nothing wey no go happen for this life, even if you ask these girls not to sell market up and down, they ll think u hate them. now see the result

Anonymous said...

i cant believe what am seeing here, is this true or what/cos i ve heard much about bbies in dump but never came across one like this

olamax said...

after all this she ll later want to settle down and start looking for children,