Saturday, September 8, 2012

GOSSIP......... I Go Dye denies buying SUV for lover

One of the most viral gist making the rounds in the entertainment industry right now, is the news that ace comedian and humor merchant, Francis Agoda A.K.A I Go Dye, splashed an unimaginable N38 million naira on two exotic auto-mobiles; a 2012 Hybrid Escalade, (Platinum Edition) and a 2012 Range Rover Evoque.
The news broke, when the widely travelled comedian spoilt himself a little with the Hybrid Escalade to commemorate his 18th anniversary on stage, while the next day marked the presentation of the Range Rover Evoque to his manager, Sharon to ease official duties of his Seaside Entertainment Company.
Controversy, however, emanated after the presentation, as many saw it as a “Greek Gift” with an alarming undertone.
While a close source to the comedian argued that “I Go Dye being a serious person that doesn’t mix business with pleasure, there is absolutely nothing intimate whatsoever going on between him and his manager especially when the said SUV was bought in the company’s name and carries its official plate number; “Seaside”.

The comedian on a phone chat with Weekend Groove, denied having an affair with any woman, and insisted that the lady in question, Sharon, is his Personal Manager.
“First and foremost, I do not have any other lover apart from my beautiful wife who takes care of me and my son. Rather, the said Range Rover Evoque car was acquired for official purpose and it is only natural for the person at the helm of affairs to have more access to it, and that happens to be Sharon, the event manager, ” he explained.
SOURCE: Vanguard Nigeria


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