Friday, September 21, 2012

How to kiss a woman and make her ask for more

Guys,You should read this.this lesson came form a well experienced teacher.

Consider it long sexy foreplay, an entrée or not. Women are sensual creatures. Yes, we are!! We love to be touched, kissed, hugged and held. A man that understands this is one above many.

The types of kisses are many: butterfly, which are light almost there; pecks, also light usually given on the cheek; playful, self explanatory; long drugging kisses that make us weak, akin to the French kiss.

A woman’s body holds a lifetime of discovery and pleasure. If you love and adore your partner then exploring and finding her treasures are wonderful gifts.
Let's set the stage;lights, music and mood. Music is always a good accompaniment, something soft and sexy that you will both feel comfortable with.

Let’s start with her face. Kiss her brow, peppering from one side to the next. We are just using light kisses. Then move to her eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin. Keep eye contact with her so that you can see her reactions. Does she seem to be enjoying your kisses? Are her eyes closed? Is she leaning into you? Is she making any sounds that might give you a clue?

Kiss the side of her neck; nibble along the cord; place some behind her ears also around her ears. Lick the inside of her ear lightly. Chew gently, on her earlobe. Ask her. Say, “Do you like that?” We love that you are expressing your concern and not just rushing. Take your time. Take the time.  It's all about pleasuring.
Gently, raise the hair away from the back of her neck and kiss her with some playful and some firm kisses there. This is such a sensitive spot for some women. Breathe in and catch her scent.

We’ll concentrate on her mouth now. Instead of rushing in to part her lips and stick your tongue down her throat; consider her lips. See the shape. Marvel at it. Lightly trace the outline of her top and then bottom lip with the tip of your index finger. Then follow the path with the tip of your tongue. Next, pick a corner of her lip and indulge in gently nibbling, tugging, licking and sucking on her lip. Use the full wetness without being sloppy, of your tongue to lave and explore the fullness of her lips. Continue into the inner part of her mouth by touching, tasting licking and making love to her mouth.

Now, this might be it for you both. You're hot and bothered.  You’ve brought the house down and must get to other things. Quickly.

 continue….with her shoulders, feather them with kisses also into the hollow where her neck and shoulder meet. Slowly, move your way down her arm until you get to the hollow (elbow).  Remember, you're not in a race. Slow is good.  Now, give it some attention by placing a dusting of kisses there.
Move to her fingers. Kiss between each finger and flick your tongue against each one of them. Then suck on them one at a time while looking into her eyes. Very erotic.
Turn her hand over, palm up. Lightly trace the marks on the palm of her hand. Just whisper soft. It feels ticklish to some. Lightly brush kisses in a circular pattern into the palm. Also use your tongue to flicker into the center of the palm. If you are following through on all of these instructions she should be wet and thinking of what’s to come. Look into her eyes and show her the wanting.

I’ll avoid the erogenous spots since we should know what to do there.
Place some kisses along the back of the shoulders and along her spine to the two hollows above her bottom.  Pay attention to her hips.  Her belly button what a place to nurture.
On the inside of her thighs, it’s ah, so sensitive there. Kiss her, lick her, and stroke her. The back of her knees are so sweet.
The final spot that some women enjoy is having their feet- toes kissed and licked.
Guys, that’s how you entice her into wanting more.   Ladies tell us did he make you want more?  Did he touch you in all (ahem) the right places?
Guys use your imagination. I’ve given you a wealth of info. Every woman is unique. Kissing is one way of paying homage to a woman and her body. Enjoy!

Now, don't be shy!!  Go on and leave me a comment.  Tell it like it is.

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