Friday, September 21, 2012

Make free calls and send free sms on your Ipad and Android phones with thE VoIP app

Seriously, Internet is really making life easier for Students and other Tech Savvy People. The VoIP Calling & Text Features is what i enjoyed most on the Internet using my Phone with the VoIP App to Make Free Calls and Send Free Text to my Friends on iPad and Andriod Phones but the Good News today is that our Own Nokia Phone is also Joining the Race anytime Soon.

Viber is VoIP Application that allows users to call and text each other absolutely free on Majorly all Smartphones e.g Andriod, iOS, Microsoft, The App is arriving on pretty much every handset you can think of. Viber has announced it’s releasing its app to Nokia’s Series 40 feature phones, as well as Symbian and bada smartphones.

With this App Nokia Phone Users can now Make Free Calls and Send SMS irregardless of their Locations and can also Calls any other Phone Makes for Free using the Viber App.

Finally, Viber has been growing steadily since the first day of its launch in late 2010. In February, it hit 50 million, in May the number grew to 70 million and right now, there are more than 100 million Viber users across the globe making 10 million free calls a day. Not bad for an app that’s less than two years old, is it?

S40, Symbian and Bada Nokia Fans should Expect a Free Calls and Text Application Soonest!!! No need Waste your Money on Nigeria’s network.

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