Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nigerian Youth Builds Working Helicopter From Junks


 Who say's there are no talents in Nigeria?
A 24-year-old Nigerian has completed the building of a working helicopter out of old car and bike parts. The guy who achieved this feat is a Physics student, Mubarak  Muhammed Abdullahi.
He spent eight months building the yellow model seen here, using the money he made from repairing cellphones and computers. Some of the parts were sourced from a disused plane.
A camera beneath the helicopter connected to a small screen on the dashboard gives the pilot ground vision, and he communicates via a small transmitter.
Mubarak says he learned the basics of helicopter flying through the internet after he decided it would be easier to build a helicopter than a car.
Mubarak is now working on a new machine which “will be a radical improvement on the first one in terms of sophistication and aesthetics.”

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