Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elton John's ex-bodyguard's secret to looking awesome at age 77

                                                       What a hot body
Jim Morris, an age-defying bodybuilderJim Morris, an age-defying bodybuilder

After more than a half century of special dieting and intense physical training, Sir Elton John's former bodyguard reveals how he, at age 77, has managed to find his personal fountain of youth.
Three years shy of becoming an octogenarian, Venice Beach resident Jim Morris credits a strict diet regimen, coupled with a devotion to weight-training, for his head-turning ability to maintain an enviable physique that has not changed since he was in his mid-30s.
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In 1966, this incredible hulk won the 'Mr. New York' title, captured the 'Mr. California' crown in 1970, before snatching the 'Mr. America' honor in 1973 - the year he became Elton John's private bodyguard - a gig that lasted 15 years.

"Between tours I would do private training," Morris wrote on his website. "My clientele was composed mainly of record company folk and others in the entertainment industry I met through Elton."
Things then got better for the U.S. Air Force veteran and former New York firefighter.
In 1977, Morris made history in the world of bodybuilding by becoming the first openly-gay man to walk away with the 'Mr. Universe' distinction of merit.

Morris was then on his way to discovering his restorative powers.
It was a lifestyle change that promised to have positive impact not only on his aging body, but his evolving way of thinking.
"I decided to become a vegetarian in 1985 at age 50," Morris penned on his website. "In 2000 at age 65 I became a vegan."

Morris told Medical Daily he only consumes beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables - no animal products, oatmeal or butter.
And long after winning the 'Mr. Olympia Masters' at age 61 - a trial that marked the end of his 30-year-long competitive career - Morris continues to promote fitness training, all the while focusing on how he wants to look in his 80s and 90s.
"Bodybuilding was and remains an art form for me," said Morris.

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