Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Institute on legal studies calls for caution with use of social media


The Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Professor Epiphany Azinge, has advised everyone that uses social media to be security conscious at all times in order not to endanger their lives and properties.

Speaking in Abuja at a one-day roundtable on social media and public security organised by the institute, Professor Azinge stressed the need for caution by persons who post misleading messages on the social media with the aim of disrupting public peace.

He also noted that there is a need to curtail the excesses of persons who use the social media to ferment trouble stressing that criminalizing the misuse of the social media will not solve the problem as there are issues of jurisdictional challenge.

The roundtable on social media and public security is part of efforts by the NIALS to draw attention to the evils being perpetrated through the use of the social media.

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