Tuesday, October 30, 2012

St. Rita’s Catholic Church Kaduna bombing update: NEMA confirms 8 dead, 100 injured in suicide bomb attack on St.Ritas Church


A suspected suicide bomber on Sunday rammed his car into the St. Rita’s Catholic  

Church in Malali area of Kaduna, killing at least nine persons and injuring several others.

The bomber rammed his explosive laden Honda CRV into the church building at about 8.45am while worshippers gathered for the Sunday service. The bomber and eight other people are reported to have died after the incident.
The impact of the explosion also damaged the church building, cars and other houses near the church.
Eye witnesses said reprisal attacks followed immediately after the bombing.

Security officials are reported to have cordoned off the area, while officials of the State Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross have been evacuating bodies and injured victims from the scene of the blast.
The two clergy officiating the mass are reported to have sustained serious injuries.

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