Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why do Men Marry Men and Women marry Women

And the plants said to human beings:
Why do men now marry men (Gay)
and women now marry women (Lesbian)?
Have you forget that God created Adam and Eve.

NOT Adam and Steve nor was it Eve and Evelyn.

God loves you too much to make you remain

And to you all who are married, I say to you
"Have fun in your marriages, where it is Honorable" 
Happy Sunday.


john whitey said...

please help me ask them o .why men go dey straff dem fellow men

john whitey said...

guy you funny sef buy thats the truth...francis thanks for the nice post .abeg help us tell dem well

bidemi said...

thats is very supid of most humans .why should we even reason such

Anonymous said...

things dey happen ooo

Anonymous said...

na sio one man con dey ask me out ..him fello guy o

Anonymous said...

they must be mad and crazy.what nonsebse...a lady was calling me on phone dt she needs me for sex.

francis job said...

i wonder people of thesame sex should even think of such a thing.

ola max said...

this is a crazy world.most countries ve even accepted it

francis job said...

may God hepl us us