Friday, November 23, 2012

ENTERTAINMENT: Rapper Nicki Minaj Suffers Another Nip Slip On Live TV During 106 & Park Interview


Rapper Nicki Minaj is still having trouble containing herself while wearing low-cut tops.

The “Come On A Cone” singer, who recently released an extended version of her second album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up”, guest starred on BET talk show 106 & Park and suffered her latest wardrobe malfunction while discussing her new album.
We can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t a stunt to drum up a little publicity for the new album, as everyone’s surely talking about it now.
Wearing a skin-tight pair of pink pants and a black bra bedazzled in candy and confections (umm, didn’t Katy Perry already do something like this?), Nicki joined hosts Bow Wow and Shorty da Prince on the show to discuss the new disc, and inadvertantly flashed a part of one of her areolae, failing to notice the mishap. And yes, for some reason, 1/8 of an areola apparently constitutes a “nipple slip”.
It’s not the first time the singer showed too much skin, last month while performing in the U.K. her sparkly bra slipped enough to get a glimpse of her boobs, after which she covered her nipples with tape in case it happened again, which it did.
“You guys have seen my boobs before,” she told the rowd. “You won’t tell anyone, will you? What happens in Nottingham…”
But during a live performance on Good Morning America last year she did have an actual wardrobe malfunction when another low-cut (hint to Nicki: tighten the straps or wear something bigger) top exposed her full left nipple for enough time that TV producers had to cut to a blank grey screen for a few seconds until she covered up.
Here’s Nicki’s interview on 106 & Park (minus the nip slip & while it lasts)

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