Monday, October 22, 2012

TECHNOLOGY: Apple’s 7.85 inch iPad to launch in 2012

Apple’s 7.85 inch iPad
Steve Jobs had made heroic deed in paving the way to the birth of Apple which is synonymous to advancement in technology. If all the rumors are true, Apple is again set to launch sometimes in the first quarter the new iPad. If the news about this gadget is true, this will have rich features and will run more efficiently than the older versions. Between the 3rd and the 4th quarter of this year, iPad 7.85 inch will be introduced in the market. The introduction of this iPad would be the answer to the concern of late Steve Jobs regarding the concern of the small size 7 inch tablet. Apple will talk with the leaders in the market like LG Display and AU Optronics so that they can purchase 7.85 inch display panels.

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