Monday, October 22, 2012

TECHNOLOGY: Have you ever heard about the Heat Cold Jacket?

Red hot this winter in the new Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket, a multi-layered fabric jacket that keeps your body warm while providing comfort and durability even in harsh environments, one for those who lead active lives away from the TV and computer.

The new jacket features three sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones, strategically placed in key areas, to warm the user's core. It can be set to high, medium or low with the touch of a button on the lapel. The jacket is also water- and wind-resistant to provide comfort and durability in daily use.

Target users are not only service technicians and industry professionals who face adverse cold weather work conditions but are equally adaptable to those who are off the job site. Users can swith from wearing this jacket in the blistering cold of a winter job site to a more casual everyday situation or while hunting, fishing, skiing or tailgating. Brace yourself for a new heat revolution.


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