Saturday, October 13, 2012

UPDATE: Video of How Cynthia Osokogu Was Raped surface & Her BB Found With Port Harcourt-based Businessman

The gruesome murder of Miss Cynthia Osokogu has taken a new dimension yesterday when it was revealed that her Blackberry smartphone was recovered from a Port Harcourt based businessman whose name is said to have been hidden at the point of this report. The new dimension that the story behind her death has taken obviously shows that there is still so much to know about her death.
The young man whose name has not been released yet due to security reason  was arrested by detectives attached to Area ‘E’ 
Command Festac Town, Lagos, aftre police had recieved Cynthia’s BB details from the father for onward investigations.
This development is coming up almost at the time an unbelievable video was recovered from one of the criminal’s laptop on how the victim was brutallly murdered.
The video clearly showed Cynthia’s face and how she was brutally raped , while the faces of the rapists were censored. The video also showed how she was was bitten on different parts of her sensitive organs by the rapists and  killers.
It was disclosed to Dailypost that even though Cynthia BB was flashed and all information in her BB had been wiped off, detectives led by the Area Commander, ACP Daniel Okoro, were professional enough to use the pin to get the number of the mobile phone.
Sources revealed that one of the detectives had called the businessman in Port Harcourt stating that the Blackberry with him was stolen.
With the few  information he provided during his SIM Card registration  and the receiving mast, the detective were able to trace his house in Port Harcourt, but did not meet him at home.
The young man later admitted after he was arrested that he bought the mobile through a friend in Lagos, stating that the phone was sent to him after it was purchased.
The source revealed thus: “When the detectives were able to get the pin number from Cynthia’s father, they started work on the theory that all the information contained in her handset may have been deleted.
“But with their knowledge of BB, they knew it can never have two pin numbers. So they started working on that theory, and it worked out for them.”

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