Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mystery news: Married Man Dating a 16-Year-Old Satanist Gets Evicted by his landlord

A Cowdry Park man who is reported to be having an affair with a 16-year-old girl, a member of a Satanist cult that feeds on human flesh and blood, is reported to have been evicted by his landlord.
Bhekani Mpofu, who is apparently married and a father of two, is reported to have been evicted by his landlord who was no longer comfortable with staying with him.
“Mpofu and his family were given a notice by the owner of the house when he discovered that he was having an affair with a young girl who is being linked to Satanism,” said the source.
It is reported that Mpofu has been struggling to secure another room to rent as he insisted that he was going to marry the young lady.

“A lot of people in our suburb now know Mpofu for insisting that he was going to continue dating his 16-year-old ‘smallhouse’. So a lot of people with houses in the area are not prepared to live with such a person as they are afraid of being victimised in the process,” added the source.
Our news crew has been reliably informed that Mpofu was now staying with a close friend who offered him temporary shelter.
“For the past two weeks Mpofu has been staying with a friend who is from the same suburb and his children are staying with a relative. When Mpofu was ordered to vacate by his landlord he tried to negotiate with his relatives over a place to stay but they also refused to accommodate him. This left him with no option but to stay with a friend while the dust settles for him to make move that will bring his family together,” said the source.
When contacted for comment, Mpofu confirmed that he had been evicted over his affair with a 16-year-old girl.
“I am staying with a friend and my life is actually falling apart as we speak. I no longer have a place of my own because of that,” he said.
Mpofu stunned a lot of people last month when he admitted that he was dating a 16-year-old girl who grabbed headlines after confessing that she is a satanist who has taken part in killing people. The teenage girl further revealed that their Satanic cult has 60 members.

 Source: myzimbabwe

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