Friday, September 12, 2014

Armed robbers write letter to streets in Palmgroove; say they are coming to raid (see letter below)

Residents in some streets in the Palmgroove area of Lagos are currently living in fear after receiving a letter from armed robbers who said they are coming soon to raid them. (copy of the purported letter above). The letter which was sent to five different streets on Saturday September 6th, reads in part;
"Beware of the coming! Be on the look out in this area. Property owners are coming anytime from now. The gate men you have are not our problem. Our problem is how many resources do you have for us? August visitor must visit whether you like it or not. So expect August visitor when you did not expect. Surely August visitor shall visit just like the second coming of Jesus. It is turn by turn."
In the last line of the letter which is not clear, the armed robbers listed names of the street they plan to attack. They are Oseni street, Nkanna street, Odogbolu street, Ibiwoye Oba and Bode Thomas street.

Some residents in the area immediately contacted police and they sent some of their men to guard the streets for a few hours yesterday. The residents say they are so scared.

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Chinyere Obi said...

forget it they cant do nothing. all na mouth