Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Sex Positions You Can Absolutely Enjoy Without Losing Your Virginity

Hello readers , i just received this short sex tip from a sex professional and decided to share with others. Lets us know what you think about this.

Well, here we start our journey of young lovers. As a teenager who’s just got into a relationship, the world may seem a bit titillating for you.  A peck on your cheek may excite you. A gentle touch will stimulate you.  That’s the reason I named you as -“young lovers”.

It’s tough being in a new relationship, because your mind is not ready for sex until you meet your Mr. Right (which is wise enough). You may feel like having sex in your teens, but trust me it’s always healthier to have once you are in the right age. So, this article is for all the VIRGINS, who are looking ways to keep their sexual excitement alive, by keeping their walls closed. Lol!

So, let me introduce you to “what is dry humping”? click to read more below....

It’s nothing but dry sex. It’s a non penetrative sex, where your partner rubs against each others private zones with clothes on. You can’t see it, but you can feel the pressure and friction on your clitoris.

So, here is my guide to top 5 dry sex positions, which will excite your sexual life and will keep you a virtual virgin at the same time.

Position 1

Butt Play Sex

Butt play is a great position to enjoy dry sex. Both of you are lying on the bed with your undies on. Bend in the doggy position in front of your man. Place his penis between the cheeks of your butts; tell him to rub his penis gently between them. You will love the sensation on your ass, especially if you have a big butt. Dry humping is best when you and your man wear loose underwear. So, don’t discard your old panties this season.

Position 2

Oral Play Sex

Well, this is not a dry sex completely, but it’s a great way of keeping your sexual excitement on top. However, some of you may feel that oral sex may break your virginity, but this isn’t true. So, the choice is in your hands, how much of a virgin you want to stay on, before you are married.

Position 3

Girl on Top Sex

Your guy is stripped into his boxers, while you are in your panties. Feel the fun without striping your clothes completely. Be seated on top his penis; rub your clitoris against it. Don’t rub too hard, as this might hurt your private zones. So, fetch the maximum pleasure with your clothes on.

Position 4

Missionary Play Sex

This is an amazing position for the young lovers and probably the most common position that every teenager would try. It’s simple, wear loose clothes (a skirt or shorts will do). Lie down underneath your guy. Tell your man to rub you hard on your private zone. I am sure you are going to love the sensations in your body. Make sure, you wear only cotton clothes.


Bust Play Sex

All you need to do is, remove your f- shirt and warp his penis around your cleavage, and rub his penis up and down the bust area. It’s the next best place to insert (after the vagina) for a man. If you have big boobs, it’s a bonus. Trust me; your soft boobs will give certain erotic movements to your man, which will make it very difficult for him to hold on his climax. Be lil careful, because the sudden explosion may hit your face.

Well, that’s all you need to know about sex with jeans on! And now that you know that sex is not the end of physical pleasures, share this article with all your virgin friends.

What’s your pick on sex? Dry humping or penetrating sex. Do tell!

SOURCE: feminiya

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