Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lagos State Governor warns Lagosians over child abuse.(200,000 Naira fine or Jail term ).

According to the new Lagos State law on child abuse,children must not be kept at home when they are supose to be in school studying.The government made it clear to the public that who ever is found in the act of child abuse will fce the wrath and punishment will be taken out accordingly.
 Children are not to be on the street hawking which might endanger their lives.Such children are always the victims of rape,kidnapp,ritual and most of them might get involved with bad friends which will defintely lead them into bed act such as stealing nd robbery.
 the Governor also made is clear that there are free education for the kids so no parent should make their kids stay at home during school hours.
 The punishment for child abuse include;
   Person faces jail term of pays fine of =N= 200,000
 I strongly believe that this will help Nigerians gain understanding on how importand child education could be.

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