Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Game to Drop R.E.D. after Dr. Dre’s Drops His New Album

dr dre The Game to Drop R.E.D. after Dr. Dres Drops His New Album

These days, the Game is sporting the red color as a promo tool for his upcoming R.E.D. Album. On his upcoming song Red Nation, Lil Wayne, who has a liking for the color red, brought  the hook. MTV News hooked up with the Game on the set of his video shoot, and the Compton- born MC revealed how he got Weezy involved on this project.

“I called Wayne and I was like, ‘Yo I need you to kill this hook.’ He was like, ‘No problem,’ and he did his thing for me,” Game recalled.

The Game likes to record his guest artists’ material in the studios himself in his own presence, rather than receiving pre-recorded content through the internet or mail. However, he made an exemption for the Young Money boss. He explained that since Wayne was on the road for his ‘I Am Still Music’ tour and therefore it wasn’t feasible for him to meet the Game in his studio. Because both of them have worked together under one roof before he knew Wayne’s working style and was fully confident that the delivered material will be according to his liking.

The duo previously collaborated on the Game‘s 2008 studio LP ‘LAX,’ on which Weezy spit the chorus for intro track ‘My Life.’ The rapper born Jayceon Terrell Taylor has previously refused to reveal an official release date for the R.E.D. Album, however on this occasion he said that it is actually Dr. Dre’s Detox album, which is the reason why his own collection is being delayed.

He also divulged that the album will come out somewhere around July or August and he is pushing producer Jimmy Lovine hard to set an actual date for the full release. On his part, the Game is almost done and the studio work is 90-95 percent complete. He added that as soon as Dr. Dre is finished working on his long awaited album Detox, they will both jump back in the studios and put the final touches on R.E.D. Dre is expected to recheck what Game has created in the studios during his absence and then add his own touch to a few of the songs, especially the ones that he himself composed for the former G-Unit member.

More than five years ago, Dre had announced the name of his next album on the track ‘Higher’ from the Game’s debut album The Documentary. It took a long time for him to deliver what he had promised. Hopefully Game’s promise to unveil his new collection by August will not be broken.

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