Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hulk Hogan lawsuits: Sues website and former friends over sex tape video (Video)

 Hulk HoganA lawyer for reality TV star and former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan said his client is suing a Tampa Bay-based disc jockey (Todd Alan "Bubba The Love Sponge" Clem), the DJ's ex-wife (Heather Clem, who was Hogan's admitted sex partner), and the media website Gawker over a sex tape.

Pro wrestling and reality TV celebrity Hulk Hogan stood out front of the federal courthouse in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, silent as his attorney, Charles Harder, announced that the 59-year-old Hogan had entered into two lawsuits over the now infamous sex tape that was "leaked" online recently.
According to TMZ, Harder filed one lawsuit with the state and the second in federal court. The former, which was filed against Heather Clem, the alleged sex partner of Hogan in the sex video, and her ex-husband, Todd Alan "Bubba The Love Sponge" Clem, for videotaping him unknowingly and, therefore, unlawfully in 2006.

The second lawsuit was brought against Gawker, the gossip website that first posted excerpts of Hogan and Clem's videotaped exploits. Harder said his client, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was seeking damages in the amount of $100 million.
As for his former friends, the Clems, who are now divorced but were married when the sex video was shot, it is as yet unclear what form of recompense Hogan is seeking. However, according to Fox News, the lawsuit stated that he had suffered "severe and irreparable injury which cannot be adequately compensated by monetary damages."
Bubba Clem was alleged to be in the video and gave his consent for his wife (at the time) and Hogan to have sex, although he exited after talking to both at the beginning of the video. According to TMZ, he returned to the room afterward and made the comment, "If we ever did want to retire, all we'd have to do is use this footage."
Hogan, while making several personal appearances, maintained he was "devastated" by the video and his new wife was "rattled" by the sex tape and the scandal.
Hogan remarried after divorcing his long-time wife, Linda, in 2009. She filed for divorce in 2007. The wrestler has admitted he was still married when the video was made but has also said that the relationship was pretty much over by the time he "bottomed out" and had sex with his best friend's wife.
Hogan told TMZ after they revealed Clem's speculative statement at the end of the sex tape that the betrayal made him sick to his stomach. He then promised legal action, noting that someone was going to pay for the "leaked" sex tape.
On Monday, Hogan made good on his words. Dressed in jeans and a black shirt, Hogan stood with his attorneys, Harder and David Houston, as they announced the lawsuits.
Bubba Clem's lawyer, Stephen Diaco, later would not comment on the case but said that his client didn't condone the release nor released the sex tape. He was eager, the lawyer said, to find out who was behind the "leaked" video.
 Hogan previously noted that finding out the source of the leaked sex tape was his top priority. On Sunday, Harder announced that Hogan was meeting with the FBI on Monday to enlist their help in tracking down those responsible for the release of the footage.

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