Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hulk Hogan's sex tape leak: A comical spin in finger pointing surfaces (Video)

Hulk Hogan revealed to Howard Stern that the woman in the sex tape leaked onto the internet was his best friend Bubba the Love Sponge's wife. Hulk says she was offered to him when things were going bad between the him and his then-wife Linda Hogan in...

Hulk Hogan’s leaked sex tape might be something that the wrestler did himself, suggests his former best friend Bubba. “Bubba the Love Sponge” alluded to the possibility that the culprit that leaked the sex tape might be none other than the star of the somewhat funny clip, Hulk Hogan, according to a report from TMZ on Tuesday.
Bubba and Hogan were good friends and Bubba let the wrestler have sex with his ex-wife, Heather Clem. She's the one in the tape with Hogan and has since been rendered totally embarrassed by the leak, according toPerez Hilton. Hogan is suing Bubba and his ex-wife for taping the footage of the now infamous sex tape without his permission. Bubba appears on the tape, making this a real family affair!

On the sex tape Bubba talks about selling the footage if he ever wanted to strike it rich enough to retire. This looked as though it was a joke, but is this what really happened?

When Bubba went on his radio show today and suggested that it may be Hogan himself to leak the tape out there for the masses, this was quite the twist in the plot. Bubba also had a few choice words to say on the air about his former buddy.
It appears that the two hate each other right about now, as Bubba told his audience that Hogan is a "self-centered" man who was delusional when he convinced himself that Nick was innocent in that 2007 car crash.
According to Bubba, Brooke actually has talent and although he defended Linda Hogan, Hulk’s ex-wife, throughout the show, he did say that Linda is a "whore." Wow, with an ex-best buddy like this, you don’t need enemies!
One thing that Bubba was probably wrong with saying and that was that he could make enough money off this sex tape to retire. Hulk Hogan is wrestler who ran the gambit and is pretty much out to pasture when it comes to his chosen form of entertainment.
This sex tape had him performing in between chatting with the girl and looking at his phone to see if it was his son who was calling as he left it on for incoming calls during this romp. Will anyone actually pay to see this?
During the clip that leaked online, Hogan conversed about how his son's girlfriend's twin sister was basically after him for a date. He sounded like he was full of himself from the things he was saying.
It wasn't much different than watching the scripted moves in the wrestling ring when it came to his bedroom performance. The video clip appears in abundance online today. Some may consider this tape a bit comical, as the clip shows Hogan's style to be all about him!
Reference: TMZ, Perez Hilton

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